Best Music to Listen to While Writing an Essay

Writing an essay comes with many challenges, and it is usually frustrating for some students. Hence, a large portion of students always seek new methods that can make writing an essay easier.

The best conditions to write an essay revolve around extreme focus and creativity, and one of the things that can inspire that is music. We use our favourite songs to get pumped up for chores, stay motivated during workouts and drown our sorrows after a heartbreak experience.

But, unlike these, knowing what music to listen to when writing an essay can be difficult; that’s why we’re here to help. This article will list some of the best music to listen to when writing an essay.

Why music is beneficial in writing

Music is a common element that can help increase your creative thinking. They help relax most brain areas and help you come up with as many ideas as possible when studying or writing.

Besides boosting your creativity, listening to songs also helps laser your focus and improves concentration on assignments. It basically makes your work much quicker. Additionally, it can also motivate you to manage your task despite the challenges that come along with it.

Choosing a genre of music for writing essays

Before you can determine the best music for writing, you have to understand what genre of music helps stimulate creativity and focus.

There are various genres of music for focus and productivity that you can listen to while writing your assignments or essays. And according to several studies, it has been revealed that songs with no lyrics are the most effective in creating that laser focus you need.

Listening to music with lyrics while writing can work to distract you instead of increasing your concentration. You may even write some of the music lyrics instead of the words forming in your head. This is because your brain subconsciously goes along with the lyrics, and you may recite them while writing.

However, some individuals are immune to the lyrics of music and use it as background noise to drown out distractions. This eventually gives them focus, even with lyrical music playing in the background. Thus, the choice of music to increase productivity largely depends on the individual.

The best music for writing essays

The best music for writing essays is the one that creates an environment of productivity by enhancing focus and creativity. Some of the music for writing essays include:

1. Electronic Music

The type of music that inspires productivity mainly depends on the writer in question. Some writers prefer electronic music because it puts them in the right mood and creates focus. Electronic music comes in different forms, and they’re primarily lyrical. However, most electronic songs edit vocals making the words less attached to your concentration.

Some examples include:

  • Big Gigantic
  • Thievery Corporation
  • “You Wish” sang by Nightmares on Wax

2. Instrumentals, Jazz or Classical Music

Jazz or classical music usually contains many instrumentals which are helpful when carrying out your academic writing tasks. Such music creates a calming effect that helps you focus on your academic writing without any distractions. Additionally, classical songs can help inspire passion as you listen, thereby giving more attention to your expressions.

Some great recommendations include:

  • “So What” sang by Miles David
  • “Time” sung by Hams Zimmer
  • The Gregorian Chant

3. White Noise

White noise is perfect for writing essays because it breaks the solitude of silence that affects many writers negatively. The sound of water flowing or birds singing while you work on your essay can help you finish it on time without over-exerting yourself mentally. It is effective in helping you complete most tasks because it puts an end to the dreariness of silence. This dreariness can become a huge distraction.

4. Music in a Foreign Language

This is another good essay writing music type. It is difficult and rare to encounter distractions when listening to music in a foreign language. Your lack of comprehension of the words creates a pleasant background rhythm that drowns out all distractions. You can pick any foreign music genre you prefer and listen to it when writing.

You can try out:

  • Jane Bordeaux’s songs (Hebrew)
  • Zaz’s songs (French)


Music is beneficial in numerous ways; it amplifies your focus and serves as a natural inspiration source. In addition, as a student, listening to good music can help you tackle your essay writing assignments, even with the challenges they may present.

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