Tried & Tested Tips to Write an Essay Fast and Good

One thing about writing is that it’s never an easy process. Writing is mentally tasking, and if you want to write a good essay, so many things are involved. You’ll brainstorm, research, outline, draft, edit, and make more edits.

While all of these are involved in producing quality essays, it often slows down the writing process. And a slowed-down writing process will affect the deadline of your submission. As a student, despite the length of your essay, your professor expects that your submission does not exceed the deadline. Master the art of expository writing with assistance from

Writing good papers and submitting them on time becomes a challenge for most students. In this article, we share reliable tips on how to write an essay fast and turn in good work.

How to write an essay really fast

Perhaps you are supposed to turn in a certain amount of words in a limited time. Now, the challenge becomes how to finish writing that essay before the deadline while maintaining quality. We’ll share tips on how to write essays faster using some quick writing tips.

  • Plan your writing time

If your writing time is limited, it’s time to eliminate distractions. To write without distractions, the first step is setting time apart. For example, if your essay is lengthy and requires three hours, you’ll have to structure your writing around it.

Delegate a few minutes to brainstorm and do the same for researching, outlining, drafting, and editing. Once you can share the three hours around these tasks, it becomes easier to focus and finish on time.

  • Read your essay topic/question

Reading and understanding your topic or question is one of the first steps to doing good work. Another area this helps is writing fast; once you understand the assignment, it becomes easier to flow and finish your work quickly.

  • Conduct thorough research

For any piece of writing to be done well, it requires thorough research. You’ll operate on limited knowledge when you don’t do proper research. Little understanding of your essay topic or question, in turn, slows your writing process.

  • Make sure you have an outline

Outlines are the skeleton of your work. With an outline, it’s easy to see the whole picture, which helps to write faster. Outlines also allow you to remember important points to include in your essay.

  • Write down key points

Once you have your key points written out, it helps you form sentences as you go quickly. A critical point that’s been drafted means you don’t lose ideas. It also enables you to build solid and precise sentences.

How to write a five page essay productively

Writing a five-page essay can seem easy, and sometimes it might not. This always depends on the complexity of the essay topic. When your topic is tasking, you’ll spend more time writing.

But typically, writing a five-page essay shouldn’t take more than 10-48 hours. So, if you’re writing a five-page essay on a less complex subject, here’s how to write productively.

  1. Use the pomodoro technique

The Pomodoro technique is helpful for productivity. You’ll learn to manage your time effectively and take intermittent breaks with this technique.

  1. Focus on your work

To productively complete your essay requires that you pay attention to the work. The only way for sustained attention is to focus.

  1. Select a comfortable writing nook

One underrated writing hack for productivity is comfort. It isn’t easy to focus and complete a task if you’re not comfortable.

  1. Avoid distractions

Distraction is the bane of productivity. If your goal is to complete a five-page essay task, you’ll need to eliminate distractions.

  1. Choose a preferred writing time

What time do you do your best work? Set your writing time to the time of the day when you are most creative.

How fast can I write an essay?

Writing fast is a learned skill. However, writing fast does not also mean writing poorly. To write fast, you must follow the above-listed tips.

However, how fast you can write an essay depends on your knowledge of the topic, the word count, the complexity of the topic, and your writing experience.


Writing is a whole work to navigate and can take up a lot of time. Following these tips will reduce the amount of time spent writing.